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Loved the ep.

Loved the epilogue.

CHORUS 1: And so ends the rescue of B'Elanna Torres, half-Klingon. B'Elanna Torres, half-human. B'Elanna Torres, Chief Engineer.
KELIS: These stories will continue for as long as we have the breath to tell them, and as long as our patrons remain wise and compassionate. And Voyager will continue on her journey to the gleaming cities of Earth where peace reigns, and hatred has no home.

Loved the way B'Elanna got into the writing process and the idea of being someone's "muse".

Loved Kelis' interpretation of her explanation what it means to be Vulcan and its juxtaposition to Tuvok's efforts on Voyager to find them.

Loved her complaint about Chakotay Kissing the Captain.

Loved seeing "Star Fleet" and "Maquis" back as a team again.

Loved seeing how beat up the Captain was over their loss.

Loved B'Elanna's solution to the end of Kelis' story.

Loved the ep!
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