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Re: the next Trek TV series preview discussion

The TV Addict site has an article up this week about pilots being released online before their linear TV premiere and the results.

The Business of Show: Is the Practice of Releasing Pilots Early Online Doing More Harm Than Good?
discussing ABC network and now CBS has done it with their first show.

NBC released the pilot of Revolution online 2 weeks early. and it sparked interest.

There is another article here:
cable networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz and AMC have been offering up the first episode of their series online as a way to potentially lure new subscribers, for the networks, it's become more a question of marketing.
So far the trend in previewing pilots seems to be to remove the episode from the web as we get closer to the premiere date in order to direct people back to watching it on air.
Is The Best Way To Market a New Series To Let People See It Early Online?

Other shows have done a lot more like NBC's Smash pilot:
NBC is exhibiting the Smash series pilot during consumer screenings in 10 major markets on January 9 in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland and San Francisco. In Chicago, NBC will have some of the cast and creative team on hand for a Q-n-A after the screening followed by a reception.

From January 15-30, selected American Airlines flights will show in-flight screenings of the pilot.

It is being offered to digital download platforms including Apple iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox/Zune, Playstation, Samsung MediaHub and Vudu beginning January 16 through February 6.

From January 16 through February 6, Video on Demand partners, including parent company Comcast, will offer the pilot via Set-Top-Box On Demand.
Beginning January 23 through February 6, online streaming via and Hulu.
the Hollywood Reporter mentioned
one well-placed source pegs the spend at about $22 million -- double what premium cable networks typically allocate to promote a new series -- NBC Entertainment marketing president Len Fogge, who followed Greenblatt from Showtime, vehemently refutes that figure, placing it at less than $10 million.

The pros vs cons.
positive word of mouth vs low ratings on a linear tv channel.
With the idea that a Star Trek show could live not on a linear channel due to its fanbase and the discussion on this thread
Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?
and Netflix releasing House of Cards entire season at once changes the game and this new way of watching TV and promoting a new series even on linear TV by releasing the pilot early as a preview may become commonplace for networks and cable TV in 2 years.

The idea of
From January 15-30, selected American Airlines flights will show in-flight screenings of the pilot.
would work for Trek if CBS could pick one major airline. This is really an idea way to get many audiences interested as a domestic cross country flight has a captive audience. The buzz would build.

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