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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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One nitpick I have with the episode is with how the highly trained bodyguard died. Are you telling me he was too stupid to jump out of the way of the van at the last second? Even if he had killed the driver the van wouldn't have magically come to a complete stop.
I think the idea was that he was so dedicated to the girl's protection that he was willing to sacrifice his life if he could ensure that he took out the kidnappers. If he'd jumped out of the way, he might've missed an opportunity to take a final shot that would stop or kill the driver. So he kept on firing right up to the bitter end, not out of stupidity but because he put the girl's life ahead of his own.
It might have been a noble gesture but he probably could have done her more good by staying alive and giving the police a description of the van and its license plate number. Hell, he might have even have been able to give a description of the kidnappers.

Yes, the police were able to get all this information in the end but just imagine if he hadn't been lying in the street dead all night. They might have been able to catch the kidnappers before they made it out of the country.
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