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Re: "The Slaver Weapon"

Ah, I understand you a bit more clearly now, Christopher.

Niven's original material? I may not have ALL his books, but I do have a decent percentage. In the mid 80s a friend loaned me a lot of his books and pointed me to them at the local library. And it was through Filmation Trek's "Slaver Weapon" that resulted in that introduction. Later, I bought my own copies to have in my personal collection and when that friend moved, he gave me duplicates from his collection, at least those I didn't already have.

So, yeah, I've enjoyed the Kzinti and the other "Known Space" species in their "natural habitat" so to speak. And yes, they do work far better there.

I'd just like to know how Niven got involved with Trek in the first place and the circumstances that led to the Kzinti's inclusion. I mean, it sure has caused something of a legal "how do you do". Did he think this would be his only catch to see his material adapted to another media?


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