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ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor
By T.M. Flavin
Book One – The Monarch

Table of Contents

SF COE Advisor Team Roster
Klingon crew roster, of the merchantman, ‘SS Monarch’.
Chapter one - On the Beach, a new offer, a new beginning?
Chapter Two - Finding a niche.
Chapter Three - Crew calls and a Ferengi?
Chapter Four - The Moon call.
Chapter Five - Introduction to a day dream.
Chapter Six - Crew call, do you speak Klingon?
Chapter Seven - Who needs who and what?
Chapter Seven - The loves of my Life; Tehk, Tash, and a Type 9B Cargo Shuttle.
Chapter Eight - Being pleased with myself.
Chapter Nine - Love, Drugs; and a history lesson?
Chapter Ten - Old friends and a false start.
Chapter Eleven - Off to the Moon
Chapter Twelve - The Monarch, a pig in a Polk?
Chapter Thirteen - How to scam a Klingon.
Chapter Fourteen - How to scam a Klingon, part two.
Chapter Fifteen - Introduction to Klingons and security.
Chapter Sixteen - What buying unseen gets you.
Chapter Seventeen - Making do with the Monarch mess.
Chapter Eighteen - Night watch on a former slave ship.
Chapter Nineteen - Dealing with pon farr, a Ferengi shuttle and our antique food re-sequencer.
Chapter Twenty - Hooray for flush toilets; and a take charge wife?
Chapter Twenty One - House keeping on the Monarch.
Chapter Twenty Two - Be’nen and Staunn’s shopping trip.
Chapter Twenty Three - Progress on the Monarch
Chapter Twenty Four - Refugees, what refugees; and why my wife smacked me good.
Chapter Twenty Five - Be’nen’s dilemma.
Chapter Twenty Six - Staunn’s story, with love and drugs.
Chapter Twenty Seven - Be’nen’s solution to her dilemma.
Chapter Twenty Eight - Be’nens’ new assignment, as my new boss!
Chapter Twenty Nine - Preparations for Be’nens’ new position.
Chapter Thirty - The Ambassadors’ goodbye’
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