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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #65: Allegiance

Welcome to the 65th TNG Avatar Contest! Once more, congratulations to last week's winners: Praetor Shinzon and R. Star. Our themes this time are...

Episode Theme: Allegiance
Captain Picard and three other people are abducted and imprisoned by an unknown force and replaced by duplicates.

TNG Theme: Holodeck
The holodeck gave the crew adventures in foreign locales without having to leave the ship! What was your favorite trip in there?

Random Theme: Mountains
Share your favorite images of this breathtaking piece of nature.

All entries must be no larger than 150x150 pixels or 140kbs in size. Entry will remain open for 10 days, closing on the 4th of March. Following will be voting to elect the newest recipients of the...

Golden Data

Designed by Klaus

Good luck!
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