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Re: Paradise, what should have happened to Alixus?

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What should have happened to her her is seeing her little community collapsing immediately. I wanted her victims to tell her "The only reason we lived in this jungle shithole is because we had no choice, do you think we're staying here where we saw people being tortured and dying from space mosquito bites? We're going home bitch!"

I also wanted Sisko to forcibly remove everyone who decided to stay because they were obviously suffering from Stockholm syndrome and were not capable of making a decision to stay in their prison, they needed therapy, not "OK, bye!".
Couldnt agree more

Curious though how do you think shed have reacted to that

With outrage or a sorrowful "Then it seems I truly have done nothing, but waste your time, For that I am sorry"

I like to think sisko filed a report with starfleet who appeared within a day or two offscreen to GAther everyone up and force them through counseling.

The author was trying to seem even handed in the end I think to show that these people would NEVER have voluntarily gone through this, yet benefited in some obscure way from it from "Getting more in touch with their core nature" or some such BS...

Personally thats probaly better done with a crew that was marooned by circumstances then deliberately marooned for some insane sociologists theories.
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