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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

Little dark to end the series by showing that Ted's telling the kids the story because they just came back from the funeral. Roseanne ending is probably out...

But yeah, think back to any 'epic' story you could tell from your youth. If you sat down and told it to me, you'd probably tell a slightly more exciting version that I'd have seen if I was standing there when it happened. Human nature.

And Ted's definitely editing the story a bit. They've said and shown it a million times. One of my favorite recurring ones was brought up again last week, though. Ted was all messed up at the art gallery because he was at home "eating a sandwich" with that "boats, boats, boats" girl. He hasn't told the KIDS that connection, but they've told the audience that whenever he mentions sandwiches, he means pot. this week's was obvious, but when it's more subtle (like when Marshall got locked out of his house by the neighborhood kid, and he looks in to see him eating Marshall's sandwich), it's entertaining.
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