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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

I don't have the issues that others have with this new Enterprise. If anything, it goes to the theory that ships of the Starship Class could look similar, but belong to separate classes. This could be connected to the specifications and performance of each class.

I do have an issue with the depiction of the USS Archon. It doesn't look anything like a Daedalus-class starship. Rather, it looks like a modified NX class starship. However, I am willing to overlook this issue.

The Enterprise-A is definitively identified as a new ship in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

U.S.S. Enterprise, shakedown cruise report. I think this new ship was put together by monkeys. Ooh, she's got a fine engine, but half the doors won't open, and guess whose job is it to make it right?
As for five years, a Constitution-class starship has the capacity to feed a crew of 430 for that length of time. ("The Mark of Gideon")
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