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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Sic Transit Vir - Londo vs. the bugs was really funny, especially when he finally skewered one with his sword, just to realise it wasn't the right one Its interesting to see the b5 staff mostly wearing random stuff since the station went independant (not counting the main cast). Even before this episode I had guessed that Vir is considered weird by other centauri, since he's a nice guy and has a conscience, this episode just confirmed that thought. Abrahamo Lincolni is an awesome name. Also, wqhen they talkjed about Vir giving the narn better jobs, I knew it was going to be just a cover for getting them away from the centauri completely. Vir's conversation with Ivanova was great. Centauri sex stuff is really weird The Sheridan/Delenn romance is ok. Its not really annoying me or anything, I just don't really care. This episode did a good job of not making you get too suspicious of Vir's fiancee. For a lot of the episode, I figured she was just a normal Centauri, with an annoying voice. I didn't even think about the narn attack being against her. Then, you find out she's insane. Sure, centauri don't care for Narn, but I don't think you'd find Londo going out and butchering them, reguardless of his apparent attitude when hearing about dead narn. Hearing her talk about all the horrifying things she and her father had done was really freaky. I may find her voice annoying, but the actress did a good job with her delivery when talking about the horrible things.

Something is really annoying me, though. What happened to the tied up narn? We see him, learn stuff about the woman, then it fades to black with her trying to get Vir to kill the narn. When the episode came back, Vir is talking to Londo, and the tied up narn is never mentioned again. There is no way Vir would kill the narn, and I doubt he'd allow her to do it, but the narn isn't mentioned or shown again. I actually went back after finishing the episode and watched the scene again. I didn't miss anything, they just never tell you what happened. Am I insane and somehow missed an explination twice? Reguardless, this was a great episode (dissappearing narn and all). This episode had a good plot, great moments, and succeeded in keeping its surprise until the end.
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