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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Honestly TOS-R needed a knowledgeable VFX director on it—someone with a background in or understanding of how optical effects work on FILM—in order to make the effects fit seamlessly into the show. The big problem with the TOS-R effects, beyond the dumb boo boos (e.g. the orange "blue flame" and the Enterprise actually vanishing behind the limb of a planet...which would make said planet about 10 miles across) and crappy models (hel-lo low poly Klingon ship) is that the effects don't feel like they belong next to the footage that surrounds them in terms of LOD (level of detail), grain and lighting style.
Agreed 100%

Aside from the video game FX, the biggest mistake of both TOS and TOS-R was the scale of shuttlecrafts in the hangar. How can anyone believe the occupants of a shuttle that large (if we consider the cutaway diagrams or actual footage) would fit into a bridge as small at it is assumed to be on the same cutaway?

All explanations/diagrams have never made sense of that, and one would have thought for all of the unnecessary TOS-R changes, the shuttle size issue would have been a no brainer.
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