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Re: February 22, 1993 - Happy 20th Anniversary Babylon 5!

My cable provider never carried PTEN, so I came onboard when Babylon 5 was picked up by TNT. Actually, I remember attending a con a few months before where Claudia Christian spoke about the show being renewed by TNT (I guess this was before her whole debacle), and the woman next to us in the audience was absolutely distraught because she didn't get the channel!

The first show I watched was Za'Ha'Dum, in the daily re-runs leading up to Season 5. An odd place to start, yet being thrown into the epic-ness of Season 4 without fully understanding everything really hooked me. I was glad to catch those daily re-runs because I don't think I could stand waiting a week or more between episodes!

Season 5 was a bit of a let-down on first airing, but I've come to appreciate it more in subsequent re-views. Overall B5 is easily my favorite tv show of all time. New BSG came close for awhile, but in the end felt a bit too improvised. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of B5's 5-year planned arc.

A flawed but true masterpiece of television.
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