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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Yeah, Quark deserved better than his annual Ferengi hijinks. He was better man than that. Better than any of us.

As far as Ferengi escapades go, this episode is not too bad. It helps that they don't dominate the whole episode, as their jokes quickly wear pretty thin. But at least they had some token development along the way, even if it meant their society changed overnight. Too little, too late really, but meh.

The latest part of Ezri's romantic comedy is alright. Bashir finally getting the Dax he pined for in the early part of the series is a fun idea, even if the actual lead-up to it was dullsville.

The announcement of Kasidy's pregnancy was a nice moment, only to be shat on by the 'great sorrow' saga.

Far and away the best part is with Damar, Kira, Garak and Mila, which should have been a spinoff; never mind that ENT hooey.
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