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Re: "The Slaver Weapon"

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So, simply as a mental exercise, just a bloody conjecture, how might have the writing staff of 1973 created an equivalent narrative, avoiding the legal hassles resulting from the Kzinti, ancient Slavers, stasis boxes, etc.

I was NOT stating they SHOULD have done it, merely HOW it could have been done within the context of 1973.
I get what you're getting at.

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Or, if one just has to employ a feline species, build upon M'Ress' species. Make it a faction of Caitians that opposed the planet's entry into the Federation. The idea of milling about with carrion eaters and flat out herbivores is disgusting to them. they want to return to the "old ways". Again, the initial confrontation between the lead pirate and Spock can not go unchallenged. (While I personal like this twist, even i will agree that might lean a bit too close to Niven's Kzin for comfort.

The name of the species [Caitian] comes from a biography of Lt. M'Ress published by Lincoln Enterprises in 1974, which claims that the Caitians are related to the Kzinti. This is corroborated by extensive commentary by Larry Niven, author of most Known Space books, primarily found in his short story books "N-Space," "Playgrounds of the Mind" and "The Patchwork Man."

According to The Worlds of the Federation by Shane Johnson, the Caitian homeworld is believed to be an ancient Kzinti colony. Caitians are however peaceful in nature contrary to their cousins. These data points reflect the information first published in M'Ress' biography by Lincoln Enterprises.
The "alternate universe" idea of Star Trek Kzin as actual renegade Caitians, as opposed to more distant relatives, is intriguing. Why Fontana, Niven, et al. didn't go that route at the time, I haven't a clue. If it did occur to them, perhaps they decided that there was no compelling reason to go there. In any case, none of that means that I'm sorry that we got the episode we got.
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