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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Perhaps somebody will correct me, but Robert April states he'd been a Captain for a decade sometime around 2239. That doesn't necessarily mean he'd been the Enterprise skipper throughout that time.

He could have disappeared, early on into his tenure as the Captain of that ship.

In fact, applying such a backwards date would cross the 2233 dividing line and place an additional starship Enterprise in service before the NCC-1701, in the Prime Universe too.
Okay, but even if we assume April's Enterprise was launched after the Kelvin's destruction, that would mean Starfleet decommissioned a starship that was only twenty years old. Despite what Admiral Morrow thought, that's pretty early to retire a starship. If we assume April had been commanding his Enterpirse for all ten years, that's nearly forty years of service, and then we can insert another captain(s) for its first ten years to give it fifty years. If anything, that would be a pretty realistic way of looking at a starship's service life, for Trek, anyway. Yeah, this is before the 2233 timeline divide, but perhaps it's time we consider there was another Enterprise between NX-01 and hte 1701, even in the Prime Timeline, canon be damned.

And besides, nothing wrong with commanding the same ship for ten years. If we assume his Enterprise was on a five year mission rotation, then April stayed in command for two five year missions, which both Pike and Kirk did in the Prime Timeline.
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