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Re: February 22, 1993 - Happy 20th Anniversary Babylon 5!

I have no idea when exactly I started watching B5, but my earliest memories involve a little 'behind the scenes' bit of fluff on some breakfast show or other (GMTV? Big Breakfast?) I distinctly remember Claudia Christian giving a tour of the C'n'C set and warning the cameraman not to get too close to the window as it'd spoil the illusion (that the "stars" were really just X-mas lights on a black cloth.)

The thing was, I was in school at the time and the show was on very late night Channel 4. I think I managed to catch a bit of 'TKO' one time (though as I recall at the time I thought it was the tail end of a movie.) I think the first episodes I saw properly were the 'Voice in the Wilderness' two parters, 'Quality of Mercy' & 'Chrysalis'. Saw the first few episodes of the second season, though the rest was fairly patchy. By the end of the second season however I was hooked and made a concerted effort to see or record every episode...not an easy feat with three older brothers in the house and only one telly. I do remember renting a copy of 'The Gathering' when the show was in it's 3rd or 4th season and being thoroughly confused but it all. Mostly I remember it being boring and damn near unwatchable.

...And I think I'll stop right there as I suddenly feel very, very old...Bugger.
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