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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Quark has been sadly forgotten during most of this final arc, and this episode does its best to complete his character arc with a certain amount of dignity. Not much dignity, mind you, but he gets about as much dignity as a Ferengi ever gets.
Pretty much, yeah. This episode does an ok job of closing off this storyline, and Quark's speech is fairly memorable, partly as a send-up of Picard's tirade about the Borg in First Contact, as I recall.

Having said that, the decision to try to flesh out Ferengi society as a kind of farcical sideshow to the rest of DS9 was probably the show's biggest mistake.

It's especially unfortunate that Quark gets so caught up in it. Great character anyway, but... he deserved better material in the later seasons.
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