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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

As a big fan of both shows i find this subject fascinating purely from an intellectual point of view. I really hope, that this could be discussed in a rational and friendly manner without any wars, holy or otherwise.

IMHO there is a good chance, that the creators of DS9 took heavy inspiration from jms's pitch of B5. Similarities in early DS9 and B5 go far beyond "set on a space station" and " leader is a commander". There is an long occupation that has ended, with the occupied peoples' hatred agains the former occupation force, which is an crumbling empire longing for past greatness, and a deeply spiritual race, in whos religion the human commander is a messiah-like figure.

Also, from the DS9 DVD extras i learned, that initially the DS9 station was to be millenia old with the original builders long forgotten, which immedeatly left me wondering, if this was to be setup for an "great machine" plotline.
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