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Re: your favourite moment of all time?

SISKO: How's Martok?
WORF: Doctor Bashir says he will make a full recovery.
SISKO: I'm glad to hear that. Mister Worf, we've got a serious problem on our hands.
WORF: Gowron.
SISKO: He seems hell bent on continuing these offensives regardless of the cost.
WORF: He is a stubborn and arrogant man.
SISKO: That may be true, but I hope he's not a fool. He's risking the entire defence posture. Why can't he see that?
WORF: I suspect the Chancellor cannot see anything at the moment except for one man.
SISKO: You mean Martok?
WORF: The Chancellor sees him as a political threat. These attacks against the Dominion are designed to humiliate the General in the eyes of the Empire. To force him to endure defeat after defeat.
SISKO: Are you telling me that this is a political vendetta?
WORF: It would not be the first time that a Klingon Chancellor put his own interests ahead of the greater good.
SISKO: Something has to be done.
WORF: Agreed. And I do have a solution. But it will not be easy.
SISKO: Do whatever it takes, Mister Worf. Those Klingon ships out there are the only thing between us and the Breen. Gowron is risking the safety of the entire Alpha Quadrant and he has to stop.
WORF: Understood.

The intensity and meaning avery brooks put behind that last sisko sentence was superb.
In defeat, malice. In victory, revenge.
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