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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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does anbody feel that JJ Abrams is not reading the comics?
I'd be surprised if he did. The producers of prior Trek series and films didn't read the tie-ins; that was the studio licensing department's job. TV and film producers are busy producing TV and films, and don't have a lot of time to pay attention to side projects, especially not with the sheer mass of tie-ins that Star Trek generates.

Abrams in particular is a very busy man. He's not only directing Into Darkness but is producing or executive-producing four other films currently in pre-production (including Star Wars Episode VII) and five more that have been announced (including the third Trek movie and the fifth Mission: Impossible), and is executive-producing Person of Interest and Revolution for TV. He's probably not very hands-on with the EP gigs, but they're part of the business of the production company he runs, which is very much in demand. Tie-ins are such a teensy-weensy part of that creative empire that it's natural he'd delegate their oversight to someone else.

This is why tie-ins are rarely canonical, and why canonical tie-ins directly overseen by the creators generally only happen after the series has ended (as with the B5 novels, Buffyverse and other Whedon comics, and the like): because creators rarely have the time to devote to the tie-ins while they're busy with the show itself. There are some exceptions to that rule -- the comics based on the Young Justice animated series have been canonical and written/overseen by the show's creators, and I gather there are tie-in comics to Arrow that are considered canonical. But they are exceptions, and they're the work of people who don't have vast filmmaking empires to manage like Abrams does.
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