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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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The general trend is evident. Generally speaking, as movie release date increases, the word Jedi is used more and more without the word Knight accompanying it. The final ratio for ROTS is roughly two orders of magnitude higher than that for ANH.

This probably isn't exactly what Christopher was asking about, but this is something objective that we can put a handle on, that I think is a step towards answering his question.
Actually that's pretty much exactly what I was asking about. Thanks for making the effort.

It's not a linear trend, though; "Jedi Knight" seems to have been used a lot more in TPM than in any other film except ANH. Still, it does seem to be a less common usage than it was when SW first began.

I imagine it would be prohibitively difficult to factor The Clone Wars into such an analysis, though.

So if "Knight" is the rank between Padawan and Master, what characters are there in the Clone Wars era who actually hold that rank? I'd think that Anakin would be a Knight, because he graduated from Padawan sometime after AOTC, yet Ahsoka calls him Master. I assume that's "Master" in the sense of a master/apprentice relationship, so a Padawan might call him that even if his actual rank is Knight rather than Master, though it's confusing. (No more so than "captain" in the Navy, though.)
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