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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
You're back and with a powerful punch too!! Wow. That was a fantastic instalment. Very emotionally driven and this continues to get more fascinating.
Hi Admiral! Thanks, glad to see you're still following the story! Hopefully have more regular updates, though not making any promises! I'm glad you liked this little detour through Darth Vidius' mind, setting up some more action to come.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
Ooh, I seem to have missed a lot of the story (will have to reread that). I was wondering why and how Anakin had suddenly become a Sith - a copy of Anakin who's a bit... ah... overenthusiastic about it, that's an intriguing idea.
Hi Count! Glad you plan to catch up with the missed parts of the story. This is a clone of Anakin, not Anakin himself, cloned by the Emperor from the hand that Anakin lost to Dooku on Geonosis, thus his 'memory' gaps. I'm glad you found it intriguing.

More coming soon I hope!
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