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Re: No Fear of Death?

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We all fear death. Every sentient being that ever lived, and ever will live, fears death. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.
Why, because you fear death? Lots of people face death without fear. The depressed, those with serious illnesses, fricking terrorists who consider suicide bombings to be the highest honor before God, etc. To some, life is worse. I know folks with huge religious leanings who look forward to going to Heaven. They have no reason to fear a state where they go live pain free with God and their loved ones (that's the point of heaven, yes?). My mother, who died of cancer, went without any fear whatsoever (you never met her, if you did you'd know). She was a tough old broad and once she knew her quality of life was compromised, she wanted no part of it. She willingly stoped treatment and two weeks later died in her sleep. No regrets and no fear.

The manner of death? Sure that's what I fear. I am mostly concerned about how I die and how much it will hurt (will I die in a fire, a fall, trapped in a cave, buried alive, a nasty car accident, a dreadful disease). But death itself? Nope. I had a very close call 20 years ago and all I wished for was it to be painless. I wasn't a bit worried about my life ending, it was out of my hands. Granted, I'm happy I dodged a bullet (figuratively), but that's not the point. Not wanting to die and being afraid to die are two different things. However, if you think I'm lying, there's nothing I can do about that.
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