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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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It's just nice to see somebody who was there admit "they purposely took what they liked from the B5 script and put it in the DS9 script," and were even considering stealing it outright.
What makes you think that this somebody isn't full of shit? I'm sorry, but just because someone worked for WB TV doesn't mean they can be considered a believable source. Many people worked there in the early 90s

What he says doesn't even make sense, they took what they liked and put it into the DS9 script? Like what exactly? The Gathering and The Emissary have barely anything in common and how were they planning to set possibly set B5 in the Star Trek universe? That's not possible without heavy rewrites.

That sounds more like a whiny B5 fan who can't let this stupid old story go, nobody except some annoying superfans on both sides and apparently JMS cares.
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