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Re: Early starfleet.

Timo wrote: View Post
This doesn't exactly mean that other types of engine would not have already achieved, say, warp three or warp four.
This is my read on it too. The Enterprise topping out at warp five, instead of warp four, would have been a major break-through. But it meant a ship going twice as fast, not ten or a hundred times as fast.

King Daniel wrote: View Post
Weirdly, they didn't have hull numbers. I guess someome realized, "Oh shit! These are meant to be older ships but we've already started numbering at 01!"
The Enterprise was the NX-01, of the NX class. The ships that came to her aid in The Expanse (Intrepid and two others) could have been of the NW class, with the lead ship in that class being the NW-01.

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Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
The Americans wouldn't let the Japanese have an offensive military force after ww2.
Theoretically, on paper, yes. In actuality Japan continued after the war to possess a large military force. Today it has the second most powerful on East Asia, only China's is larger.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Is it possible that The "World Government" Crusher was talking about and the institution referred to as "United Earth" are completely different organizations?
And both of them existed with the "New United Nations." Each with a different collection of Earth nations. Or some nations being member of two (or all three) organizations.

From the Trek history we've been presented with, the New United Nations and some version of United Earth did exist at the same time.

In the mid 22nd century, how many self proclaimed "world governments" were there anyway?

I remember there being a Vulcan Embassy in Canberra.
Do you remember what year this was to have been?

There are three countries on the planet out of 196 (depending how you count) today who do not belong to the United Nations.
Four if you also include South Sudan. Depending on what you view as "a nation," the number of nations on Earth today could be as high as 250.

King Daniel wrote: View Post
We know they had the giant Einstein-class ships, like the USS Kelvin, in the 2230's.
But that ship only existed in an alternative universe.

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