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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

I imagine that despite what Hank taught Johnny, that Soval still attended Archer family gatherings and BBQs where Soval had to pretend that the Humans weren't cooking his fauxturkey sausages on the same grill as the sausages made of swine.

Hank Archer died when John was 12.

Near the end of the series, Soval says words to the effect that he literally and honestly thought of Jonathan Archer as his son. Which has many of us wondering how in denial of the loving paternal nature of his relationship with Soval was Johnathan Archer?

Now I'm going to say two words that I want you to really think about: Sally Archer.

Probably still a very handsome woman when her husband died.

Very, very handsome.

How couldn't Soval think of John as a son if he was diddlinghim mum? How couldn't John have raised through the ranks so fast to command the most powerful ship in the fleet unless Soval, henpecked by his girlfriend was secretly sponsering the boy to be worth of becoming his son?

Maybe what we saw as racism in the beginning was just John subconciously acting out about his father being replaced on top his mother with a Vulcan?
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