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Re: No Fear of Death?

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Just because a person is willing to sacrifice their life to save others, doesn't mean that person doesn't fear death.
Agreed. At least, most creatures seem to have a drive for self-preservation, wherever that comes from. However...

We all fear death. Every sentient being that ever lived, and ever will live, fears death.
This is an unfounded generalization—unless you mean "rational" where you said "sentient." I'm not religious, and I don't fear death. The transition to that state might be unpleasant, but one might argue that is just semantics. Continuing life can be more unpleasant in some circumstances.

What I fear is that I might be snuffed uselessly, say by some pinhead who crossed the line because he absolutely had to respond to that text right now.
"No, I better not look. I just might be in there."
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