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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

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So if a relationship goes bad, would that count as a 'warp core breach'?
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Life's a breach.
I had intended to post: You know you're a hopeless Trekkie when you look at that card and think of Warp Cores and Breaches. However, it looks like I am not alone in that regard.
No, definitely not!
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what happens when your someone...dies?
I prefer not to think about it, though I did for quite some time when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Then I was mostly angry, because a healthy young man shouldn't have to face possible death by cancer, and of course, for very selfish reasons, because I wanted to keep him in my life, very much alive.

When I was 20 my then boyfriend committed suicide. I always knew he was fragile, so even though I didn't expect it, it was in line with what could happen. I bawled for months, then I picked up the pieces and moved on, but a shrapnel of regret and grief will always be wedged in my heart.

Though I think we can fit with many people if we make the effort, sometimes it happens, you meet someone who you can't imagine living without. Not because he/she is a missing piece in a puzzle, but because that person gives you a different perspective and is someone to share the good and bad with. I can live without my husband, but I prefer not to because he brightens my day and challenge me to think.
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