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Essentially, I would fully support the attitude that we are one people. One who is many. [...]
I am not, however, convinced that a world government as most people propose it will be anything other than tyrannical, if not initially then inevitably in time, [...] through a combination of fear and simple psychological blindness. [...]
So many times I've seen it: people associate with a certain government, nation, religion, creed, ideology, political party, etc and become blind to its failings and abuses while condemning such elsewhere. Hypocrisy. Double-think.
That sums up my concerns as well. Inevitably certain nations with a high missionary-factor would try to tidy up the world according to their own values and believes (as they are already doing). As more tolerant nations are usually very peaceful ones, the likelyhood of intolerant warmongers and interferers becoming the leaders is almost 100%. Not a world I'd like to live in.
As for myself - and, I daresay for many of my fellow posters here - we already consider ourselves world citizens. Practically everyone here has friends abroad. We have discussions about cultural differences and mostly we accept the fact that we disagree. Usually we even disagree in a peaceful way.

Maybe what the world needs is more message boards (preferably ad-free ones, though)
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