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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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OK. If it is nonsense, then some heads ought to roll at BBC publicity, as if they've done a great job of convincing us all that that's all we're getting!
Was anything really officially announced? I thought all our info was just coming off of a placard at a toy fair or something.

In any event, I thought it was a pretty cool interview with Moffat. And to be honest... but I kinda have to agree with him about the Ice Warriors.

They've got a really badass name, and their concept is a good one, but I always thought their design and execution left a LOT to be desired. Even by old-school DW standards.
I agree and disagree in equal measure when it comes to the Ice Warriors. Having just watched the Seeds of Death I'd agree that the soldier IWs definitely need a makeover. Slaar, the Ice Lord, on the other hand, I thought that was a great look which wouldn't need much in the way of updating.
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