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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Warm Bodies - free admission
P.S. I Love You - DVD
The Lake House - DVD
Alonzo Bodden: Who's Paying Attention? - Netflix Instant
Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 - Netflix Instant
Side by Side - free admission
Pennies from Heaven - free admission
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid- DVD
The Lonely Guy - DVD
Batman: The Dark Knigth Returns, Part Two - DVD
Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt - DVD
Side Effects - free admission
Funny Girl - free admission
Christopher Titus: Neverlution - YouTube
Ralphie May: Just Correct - YouTube
Top Gun 3D - IMAX
Fourplay: Tales of Sexual Intimacy - free admission
'Salem's Lot(2004) - DVD
Body of Lies - DVD
2013 Oscar-Nominated Shorts, Animated - free admission
2013 Oscar-Nominated Shorts, Live Action - free admission
A Good Day to Die Hard - free admission
Last Chance Harvey - DVD
Paul Williams Still Alive - free admission
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - DVD
Invasion of the Blood Farmers - free admission
Safety Not Guaranteed - Netflix Instant
One Life - free admission
Identity Thief - free admission
The Switch - Netflix Instant

When I got in from work the other night, my roommates were asleep, and actually in their room instead of on the livin' room couches.

So, I was able to watch SNG on Netflix. I saw the trailer a lot last spring, but the Alamo Drafthouse didn't get it, even though the trailer played before every damn thing. Watchin' the movie, I liked it quite a bit.

It was a fun story that may or may not have involved time travel.

Went out to the movies tonight for a double feature.

First up, One Life, a nature documentary from the BBC that's narrated by Daniel Craig. I enjoyed it, even if it wasn't anything that hasn't been shown in classrooms for forever.

Followed that up with Identity Thief, which I thought was pretty funny. Though I did think it was a bit distractin' for the same song to be used for Melissah McCarthy's character in the movie as was used in the trailer for her next movie with Sandra Bullock. Probably wouldn't be that big a deal, but the red band trailer played right before the movie!

Back at the house now, watchin' The Switch via Netflix Instant, since the roommates weren't on the couch for the second night in a row!
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