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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

If we divide the number of times the word Jedi occurs, by the number of times the word Knight occurs (whether upper or lower case), we get a measure of how much more frequently the word Jedi occurs without the word Knight. If the two words always occurred together, the ratio would be exactly one. But the more the word Jedi occurs without the word Knight, the greater that ratio is.

Using grep and a multi-part bash command, that ratio (as an integer, without remainder) can be straightforwardly calculated, according to the limitations described above, and the episodes sorted from least to greatest ratio. The results are:

$ for f in *; do echo $f:$((`grep -ic jedi "$f"`/`grep -ic knight "$f"`)); done | sort --field-separator=: --key=2 --numeric-sort - Star Wars_ A New Hope script.mht:2 - The Phantom Menace Script.mht:12 - Return of the Jedi script.mht:14 - The Empire Strikes Back script.mht:20 - Attack of the Clones Script.mht:33
Star Wars_ Revenge of the Sith Script at IMSDb..mht:123
The general trend is evident. Generally speaking, as movie release date increases, the word Jedi is used more and more without the word Knight accompanying it. The final ratio for ROTS is roughly two orders of magnitude higher than that for ANH.

This probably isn't exactly what Christopher was asking about, but this is something objective that we can put a handle on, that I think is a step towards answering his question.

ETA: Taking a look at the occurrences of the word Jedi in ROTS, many of them are in the directions, e.g. "The JEDI STARFIGHTERS extend the stability foils on the ends of their wings." But given that the word Knight was detected on only two lines of the whole script [and a manual text search in fact finds only two matches at all], we can conclude that there almost certainly is a definite shift in just the dialog, as indicated.
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