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Re: Countdown Thread to the 50th Anniversary

I'll likely pick a story from each Doctor:

1 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The first Hartnell I saw, back in November 1988 on the 25th anniversary. Might watch An Unearthly Child ep 1 as well.

2 - Orphan eps

Not too fond of his surviving complete stories, though Tomb and Seeds come close. May just chose a selection of orphans.

3 - Inferno

No contest here...

4 - Genesis of the Daleks

Haven't seen it in years so should be a good catch up.

5 - Earthshock or The Five Doctors

Two favourites as a kid.

6 - Attack of the Cybermen

Revelation is my favourite but I haven't seem this in years.

7 - Silver Nemesis

Same reasoning as 6.

8 - The Movie

Easy one.

9 - Parting of the Ways

Best of his year IMO

10 - Doomsday

My favourite Tennent ep. Either that or Gridlock. Or the Season Three Dalek eps.

11 - The Eleventh Hour

The only episode of his I truly enjoyed.
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