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Re: Adventures in Time and Space TARDIS set

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^I didn't say they were made to be exact replicas. I said that, given the purpose they were built for, they would presumably have been made to look like low-budget '60s TV sets -- i.e. to give that impression to the audience watching An Adventure in Space and Time, regardless of their fidelity to the actual items.

I didn't make any comment on the accuracy of the sets. And without having seen any high-res images, I'm inclined to agree with your presumptions. But based on these few low-res images, the walls of the console room appear to be of higher quality than the originals, at least to my eye. Whether the set has been constructed in such a way that it could convincingly make a nostalgia appearance in the anniversary special is unknown... but there isn't anything in these pics to indicate that it couldn't.
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