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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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Yeah I really like the flashbacks. Mostly because they are progressing Oliver's backstory. Each builds of the previous one and does not just rehash the same stuff.

I have been wondering if towards the end of his time on the island he is alone. Maybe for months or even a year or longer. In the later bearded Oliver footage he seems completely alone, surviving by himself. I hope we learn that is the case. It would fit with the comics and it would show how he built himself up to the level he was when he was discovered.
Yeah, I had the same impression based on the pilot flashbacks too, but I guess he could have just been hiding out from the bad guys. I'm wondering if they're going to stop them eventually? They seem to be moving the timeline forward at a fairly brisk pace (didn't Slade or Ollie say something about him being there for "months"), so I have to wonder what will happen if the show goes on for 10 seasons? Are they just going to slow things down? Or possibly pull a Lost and switch over to some other type of story telling method?
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