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Re: why so many unfavourable comments about Bareil?

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Call it my Catholic upbringing, but I don't expect a monk to be dating.
Yeah, I was raised Catholic as well. I don't mind clergy not being celibate (it's probably a better idea), but the whole "you're going through a tough time emotionally, why don't you come to my monastery and relax for a while" turning into him flirting with her, culminating in "look into this orb at visions of us naked together"...

I know he was just following the will of the prophets, but imagine a priest today inviting a troubled young woman to visit his church and then hitting on her and showing her photoshopped pictures of them naked together, and saying "it's God's will that you sleep with me." The fact that we know the prophets exist makes it OK, but it can be OK and creepy at the same time.
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