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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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No, Christopher, I'm not treating this like a competition. I was simply clarifying what context those remarks were made in, because it's unfair to say that someone's reply is in error when it's not.
Huh?? I didn't say the reply was in error, I just said it wasn't addressing the particular question I was asking. The conversation seemed to branch out in a different direction from what I was asking about. I was only trying to clarify what I was asking in the first place.

And no one's hijacked anyone's conversation. If you think that that's happening, that's just bizarre.
What I meant was that your reply sounded like you were criticizing me for trying to divert the conversation away from what you were talking about -- which was strange, because I was the one who started the conversation.

Yes, I've noticed that Knights are mentioned less, but I haven't data-mined TCW transcripts to count occurrences, and I'm not going to. Besides, how do you measure many vs. few relative to the OT, when there are only 6+ hours of OT vs. I don't know how many hours of PT/TCW.

But as I basically suggested in my immediately previous post, there would naturally be [in some sense] sparse mentioning of Knights in TCW relative to the OT, since almost none of the main Jedi characters in TCW have the rank of Knight, but in ANH apparently all Jedi were considered Knights.
Has it been established that Knight is a distinct, limited rank among the Jedi? If so, who actually has that rank and who doesn't? I've just heard/noticed it being used so little these days that I wouldn't know if that's the case or not. I'm sure a lot of this stuff is well-known to dedicated SW fans, but I'm just a casual viewer asking some entry-level questions and there's a lot I don't know.
Knight is the specific rank that goes after Padawan and before Master. I think Jedi Knight is also used a general term for the whole order.
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