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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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^Right. Keeping track of the continuity of a fictional universe can be a fun exercise; I've been doing it with Trek for decades. But it's important to remember that it's just part of the fun, and not take it too seriously or invest too much emotion in it. My personal version of Trek continuity has always been highly mutable; when something new has come along that contradicted my assumptions, I've just reworked them. And it's actually fun to rework the continuity, to get to play the game of fitting things together one more time in a new and fresh way. If I have to remove some books or comics I enjoyed, that's no problem, since they're still there for me to read; they're just in a different continuity category. (For a long time, the main thing that frustrated me was having to rewrite the entire chronology on new sheets of paper, or to erase a bunch of entries in pencil and rewrite them on new lines. It got much easier once I started keeping my chronology on computer.)
Well said. I love Trek canon and continuity and although I may come off as taking them too seriously, I really do it for fun. I'll read a comment or see something on dvd and a thought comes to mind and I'm like "Cool! That's how that could fit.". In some ways, I really like when inconsistencies or gaps in Trek history happen because I see them as potential opportunities to create new stories, or at least plot elements, were I a Trek novelist or Trek creator.
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