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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

So you have an ipad in your back pocket, but you're standing their patiently on Mars watching the the green bugeyes trying to invent transistor radios...

Or is America wandering the globe teaching everyone how to build nuclear reactors?

We find out in the final season that Archer Senior had a degenerative neural disorder that struck him with dementia which apexed in long winded racist nonsensical rants which young Johnny all of 12 years old was well with in ear shot of.

Angry at the Vulcans?

He should be angry with the local govenment for forbidding the finding of a cure for what was wrong Hank and stopping it from being passed on to John and his kids.

Point is Jonothan thought crazy talk was rational talk becuase he heroworshipped someone who was mentally ill and he was too young and stupid to know the difference.
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