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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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What I sadly think sinks this possibility is... wouldn't the design of an older Enterprise be a little more pinned down? Detailed? It's just the Abramsverse exterior with smaller nacelles.

Not if you're wanting its' appearance on-screen to be a total jawdropping surprise to everyone and only have them realize after the fact that it was totally set-up. Having it be ultra-detailed on the comic page (the way the Narada was) would give away that "holy shit, we're gonna see this in the movie!" (And look earlier in the issue - the Abramsprise ain't too detailed in this comic either.)

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Up there on the big screen, they'd need to be different from each other. Like the Reliant is not the same configuration the Enterprise is. That's the hero ship and that's the villainous one. If they look very similar, then that's confusing except for fans.

If my guess is correct, April's Enterprise onscreen is gonna look a lot more like the classic 60's ship (or perhaps a TOS/TMP hybrid) than the Abramsprise. There's your difference right there - and a direct answer to the fans who complained that Ryan Church went too far in redesigning the Enterprise. "All right, here's the ship you say you wanted - and the bad guy's in the captain's chair."

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It strikes me the artists working on this comic haven't been given enough reference material for that ship or an actual actor playing Robert April to be important.

Again, entirely on purpose - JJ and company wants to keep us guessing ("Is Cumberbatch Khan, April or somebody else?") all the way into our theater seat.
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