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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

^ I admit that's the one way it absolutely needed to be better. Following in a pattern set by Sisko on DS9, holding a grudge against Picard for the loss of a loved one... even knowing the full facts about how the Borg were in control.

It made sense to me that they gave the Captain of the Enterprise NX-01 a massive chip on his shoulder. Thankfully it wasn't full-blown bigotry, as Archer was shown trying to hold out the hand of friendship several times and basically met with the kind of condescension you'd find online then... "You are easily amused".

I quite liked that there were folks who didn't like Vulcans. If they're supposed to have stuck around and offered aid after WWIII, there'd be resentment on both sides. On their part for coming to regret making first contact so soon with a race still recovering from a nuclear war and the worst parts of human nature prefering to bite the hand that feeds them.

McCoy being more old fashioned than most and the exception to the norm a century later. Or else that's just Spock and he wouldn't be driven to almost want to strangle any other Vulcan he might be forced to spend as much time with. Seems to be in their nature to be coldly dismissive of others.
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