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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I don't think they are in HD and Sci-Fi are stuck between in a rock and a hard place.

Perhaps the TNG HD showings have rated well for them so far but they realise they need to get on with series 3 to ensure the ratings don't dwindle, but waiting until the actual release won't be good for that so they're just going to show upscaled un-remastered TNG until quietly replacing them for the proper HD versions in June or so...

Same with DS9.

But yay, with TNG on Sci-fi, Voyager and Star Trek TOS on CBS action and Enterprise on Pick TV, DS9 was the only trek not currently shown on UK TV.
Which sucks and gives more credence to that "oooh it's hard to show" BS.
I haven't encountered ONE UK station that shows Trek out of all goes from series 1 ep 1 until series 7 finale....
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