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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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The big space battle (over Earth) of Into Darkness = Kirk's Enterprise vs. April's Enterprise. I'm calling it now.
Now that's something I'd love to see. They wanted two Enterprises to be locked in combat for Generations, but that's more difficult when Kirk and Picard are both heroes. What I sadly think sinks this possibility is... wouldn't the design of an older Enterprise be a little more pinned down? Detailed? It's just the Abramsverse exterior with smaller nacelles. Up there on the big screen, they'd need to be different from each other. Like the Reliant is not the same configuration the Enterprise is. That's the hero ship and that's the villainous one. If they look very similar, then that's confusing except for fans. The Narada appeared fully formed in the previous Countdown by this stage because people working in the film's art dept had finalised its appearance. It strikes me the artists working on this comic haven't been given enough reference material for that ship or an actual actor playing Robert April for this to be very important.

Maybe there wasn't enough leadtime and the artists had to work by written descriptions alone or maybe we can expect neither to feature onscreen during Star Trek Into Darkness.

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