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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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Okay, just read the digital version of the issue two. Not too bad - based on the leaked plot summary of STID, I think I am now seeing where this is going (and it's beginning to feel a lot more like the movie prequel ala the earlier Countdown that I had been expecting). Enjoyable.
I think I'm starting to see it too. Annoying detailing aside, the basic lines of April's Enterprise (inside and out) match the classic starship we know and love much more than the Abramsprise does. And it's only been out of service for two years, with its' former XO/commander (Peter Weller's character in the film, apparently) now in the Admiralty...

The big space battle (over Earth) of Into Darkness = Kirk's Enterprise vs. April's Enterprise. I'm calling it now.
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