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Re: Adventures in Time and Space TARDIS set

Almost certainly not. The walls are certainly long gone; as for the console, no-one's quite sure whether the 'new' console introduced in Claws of Axos/season 8 was a new build that reused some dials and levers from the original (as some are clearly still there, like the two round sets of lights highlighted in The Chase and Frontier in Space) or just an extensive rebuild of the existing console (I'd go for the latter, as the plinth seems to be the same).
Either way, anything that wasn't carried over, like the rotor, probably got binned in late 1970.
I believe that the 1970s console was given to the DWAS when it was retired in 1983 (and borrowed off them for The Two Doctors)*, but where it is now is a good question: if the DWAS still has it, I'd have expected it to have turned up in the Doctor Who experience along with the 1980s one, so as it didn't...

*2nd thoughts: I think the DWAS thought they were getting it, but it went off to the Blackpool exhibition instead, to their annoyance.
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