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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

Is that your full defensive capability then, Therin? You're enjoying the Nu-Trek comics more than me.

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Vulcan ringships, a design taken from ENT
The ringship that was eventually designated a Vulcan design by ENT appears on the rec deck of the USS Enterprise in ST:TMP. As one of the previous vessels that bore the Enterprise name.
I know all that... But I'm talking specifically about Vulcan scoutships and cruisers lifted wholesale directly from ENT a while back. Same colour. Same shape. Ship designs different enough (in my eyes) from a piece of artwork seen onscreen a fraction of their screentime. A piece of set decoration showing the XCV-330 twin-wheel with a thin projectile like needle running down the centre. And I know of no specific time that previous Enterprise shown on the rec deck, was rebranded a Vulcan ship. It appeared on the wall of the 602 Club among other human created spaceflight achievements.

There's nothing in canon that says they can't be from another galaxy.
See a comment I made a page or so back. It very much depends when they are have supposed to have arrived. It's obviously impossible for hints about Gorn to be dropped by other alien cultures like the Orions, let alone appear in a Mirror Universe, a hundred years before they first exit a wormhole or whatever.

It just seems more of a Star Wars riff, than anybody ingrained in Star Trek lore would come up with... where Kelvans from Andromeda aside, pesky alien threats are diverse enough right here, within our own galaxy.

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