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The Citadel and Reckoning DLC has been announced and are to be ME3's final DLCs. A lot of this was leaked several months back (as usual) but it's nice to see some things officially confirmed. I know it's sad and ultimately meaningless, but I love that Shepard is getting a residence on the Citadel. I know there was something similar in ME1, but I never got that DLC. Bit of a pipe dream but it would be very cool if it features keepsakes and trophies from old missions, with differences based on your savegame.

The MP DLC just looks like some new kits and weapons. The 'Geth Juggernaut' was IIRC an enemy from ME1 (basically a slightly smaller Prime), the 'Alliance Infiltration Unit' just looks like a re-use of EDI's/Dr. Eva's alt appearance, while one assumes that the Talon Mercenary is the Krogan with the enormous hammer. One can only hope that the Cabal Vanguard will be a female Turian.

No sign of the supposed narrative co-op mode that had been rumoured. I may yet be proven wrong, but I never was terribly convinced by that myself. The supposed source from that one looked dubious at best.


I'd say that this is pretty solid confirmation of female turians in MP.
There's also a few more screenshots of the Citadel DLC up on the official site. From they synopsis it looks very much like that mission they cut from the main game involving Emily Wong. One can only hope this means they'll un-kill her...?
The new enemy looks interesting. The armor and equipment looks human so it could just be another Cerberus type, but the colouration and lack of markings makes me think these might be proper Alliance black ops.

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