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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

You might want to find out what the above poster believes, before agreeing with them.

I'm happier that they DO try to adhere to things established before 2233 in the timeline. But every so often, I see evidence that both supports (Vulcan ringships, a design taken from ENT) and goes against (the Valliant described as a Starfleet vessel before the organisation existed, probably UESPA in the late 21st Century and rumours that they want Gorn to be from another galaxy for no significant reason that I can see etc).

But it's their call to make... whether or not the universe Nero arrived in, was identical to the Prime Universe up until the Kelvin was destroyed. Comic continuity has always been all over the shop anyway, but if it's intended to feel joined up with the new movies explaining backstory that will whizz by quickly or not figure into a two-hour movie, I wish just that little extra effort were put in.

So far, it seems to be dancing around any plot of substance. I'm seeing the original Countdown as being the better prequel comic... but I'm admittedly biased, what with it featuring Nero coming into conflict with TNG characters and well-established starship designs! And his grievance, the destruction of Romulus, setting the scene for the film. By comparison, Countdown to Darkness is all rather opaque and impenetrable for clues about what is to come. I'm betting it's mostly all red-herrings.

Shame Countdown didn't get made into an animated adventure, featuring the voices of the Next Generation crew... It still holds up very well in my memory and in some ways, like a whole missing film.
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