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Re: Supernatural 8x15"Man's Best Friend With Benefits" spoiler discuss

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Is the Frampton character new as of this episode? Was the reference to his previous encounter with the Winchesters an unseen story or is it from a previous episode, comic, novel, etc.?

Though not as great as the last handful of episodes, I thought last night's show was pretty good. It felt almost like a back-door pilot for the witch and familiar characters. The golem episode of a few weeks ago also felt that way (if I were a TV executive, I would greenlight that spin-off in a heartbeat -- the witch/familiar show, not so much). In fact, most of the episodes that've aired in 2013 have ended in a similar fashion: the featured character that week heads off into the wind, presumably to have further adventures in their given niche.

Charlie Bradbury (or is it "Carrie Heinlein" now?). Slacker and his golem. The hellhound-pursued woman.

Sadly the only featured character recently to not ride off into the sunset by show's end is Grandpa Winchester.

I wonder if the larger story arc of the season has them all returning in some way -- as a poster in another thread suggested, maybe they could all come back as a sort of Men of Letters / Justice League-type group.

In any event, the mythology reboot and the early season nine pick-up have me more excited for Supernatural then I've felt in years.
Yup, that was me, and yes i agree. All those guest characters they introduced recently end up the same. Superpowered or supertalented people kinda burned by supernatural events, uprooted and driven away from the life they knew.

At this point i will put good money on all of them showing up in some kind of event episode and forming a team led by the Winchesters against demons and angels in some sort of Shadow War uprising of the "new" races.
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