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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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And then Dax went from being "one of the guys" to "Worf's girlfriend who spends her spare time at the bar and talking about boys," and after years someone woke up and decided it needed to be clarified that Kira is, in fact, a woman (I'm not sure why the Intendant wasn't enough proof), and suddenly she had heels and a skin-tight uniform, which by season 7 was no less insulting than Troi's or 7 of 9.
Agreed. And as a woman I was a little annoyed with Kira's uniform change. Especially because it happened at about the time 7 of 9 showed up on VOY, it was such an obvious ploy to sex her up.
I totally agree. The catsuit was a bit much for Kira, and I have to say that Trek's excessive use of them was pretty embarrassing. It was just pathetically obvious pandering to casual viewers, and of course the poor Trekkies who are so desperate for sex they'll go gaga over these poor women and watch, even if they're reading the dictionary.

And on the subject of embarrassing things, we have Extreme Measures.

What a waste of an interesting story. I never knew that they planned to have Kira and Odo go find the cure together; that really would have been a fascinating confrontation. I can understand budget cuts scaling down on big ideas, but how much money would it take to just have our characters talk to Sloan, rather than jump about in his head
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